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how to flash a SVG6582? need help finding the connection points
hi all, anyone have some material on how to flash a SVG6582? 

the spansion chip has no legs, the clip is useless here

where would the connection points be?

trying to open telnet but the oids are not working 

the current firm is SVG6x82- it's shelled, but no cake so far

thank you

[Image: photo-2022-05-29-14-36-28.jpg]

[Image: photo-2022-05-29-14-36-32.jpg]

[Image: photo-2022-05-29-14-32-13.jpg][Image: photo-2022-05-29-14-32-57.jpg][Image: photo-2022-05-29-14-33-02.jpg]
is it possible to identify clk, miso, mosi, cs on these paths running from the spansion to the bcm chip?? 

if yes, how could it be done?

[Image: photo-2022-05-30-19-15-21.jpg]

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