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Finally I found the correct diagram fpr Dpc 2100
Thanks guy's for the Diagrams I found on this site.

I finally was able to do a backup on the modem
I was abble to detect Amd xxxxxxxxx
read all and saved it.

I kept getting blackCat not connected.

Now I need to get it flashed.

Please advise if this is correct IN blackcat.

after I did my back up
clikc on tab Flash / write all /select haxorware11rev30.bin
i understand is the lates bin/ when complete
unhook ribbon cable then I'm done and reboot?

Did I miss any steps?

When I have the modem plug in with the power and cable
what do I do to the pc to get the modem going
do I go into CMD ipconfig /all
then realese
then renew
is this correct?

any other guide you may have or suggest.

Great forum with info and members to correct the problems
I had the modems down for two weeks because I had the wrong
wiring form other forum.

Why do I need the Factory tool
and how I use it.

Your help is appreciated.

use jtag utility and the instructions that come in the haxorware archive
[Image: 2qu0z8h.gif]
Thank you for the reply Admin...
I will get on it.

Will be back.

Thanks again

To program haxorware to your modem using JtagUtility, issue the following commands:
ldram 9fc10000 {need help on this} do i type this in ?
(A File Open dialog will appear, find haxorware11rev30.bin and click open) program 9fc10000 130000

no, draw it on the monitor with a permanent marker
[Image: 2qu0z8h.gif]
Okay Rajkosto,

I have restore the 2 modems that were dead using Jtag Utility.
I start it to to flash one of them with Haxoware3.0 What I need to know is how to get a mac in my area Florida USA I have read that I can share the mac with other people is this correct?

Any suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

what does getting macs have to do with HAXORWARE ?
[Image: 2qu0z8h.gif]

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