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ziri and canis
cayman Offline
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ziri and canis
Anybody knows what happen to canis, our lovely scotish sisi and ziri ?????
Think, that we are missing all the fun in this forum.
Gee, only master rats and noobs interested in free lunch are dwelling here ????like in old days when red nose scumback was tryyyyinnnnnng to control everything ??????
Remember Canis aka "sisi" post ???????
here it is:
Quote:FFS, get off the 'gotta keep thing's going' with someone who does same.. think of it from my perspective:

You and other's were wrong from the start, and even after declaring who I am, you still think I'm someone else. You think I'm some kind of noob that know's nothing, despite my tearing vermin security apart a few years back.. I am the scource, not the developer, of the docsis devil's crap tools that never did quite work, because I made sure I got banned when he did'nt have the decency to admit he would not be able to write said app without what I posted, since until then, it was not available in the context I posted. This is why snmp was disabled via acl's by vermin. and why even though you think you can change dns in eth to get online, you cant now, because your modem is in passthrough mode, like it or not, meaning even though you set your eth dns, it is passed THROUGH the dns of your isp, so kindly agree to disagree, but stop yer shit posting dude, cause your doing your canadian ass more damage than I could ever do to you.

Has it occured to you that combined we may find the next hack? Nah, your too busy being a troll. So I'll go about my way, you go find someone else to bully.

Oh, and keep in mind, I am in Scotland, drewmerc is in wales, we aint 'fellow' countrymen, but fellow subject's of the queen.
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02-07-2017, 08:38 PM
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drewmerc Offline

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RE: ziri and canis
i'll guess they pissed me off in some way or other, thats how most non spammers end up shitlisted
looking at there final few posts should tell you why
******new discord chat link*******
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02-07-2017, 09:28 PM
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occalifornia Offline
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RE: ziri and canis
I had no idea that was going on. It would be nice if the people on here would get along and work toward more stable, newer firmware and the like.
14-11-2017, 07:15 PM
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