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just frezze with p2p
hello rajkosto... ive a question to u.... well my isp made some changes in the node... and after that changes my service has gone down in quality... cuz... i was working with 20 mb ds and the service just great.. but now... using p2p... using regular dowloader like internet download manager... any one ... whe i begin using it they begin fine... but when the time of the download is running... well service just frezze.. and the only way to fix that is power off cablemodem and keep dowloading file again... but... the frezze comes back egain in few seconds... im using hax rc06... what can i do to fix that.... ??? cuz if i use the modem in another node... woks fine... and never frezze!!! help please....
I have somewhat a simlar issue but there's no knowing what is wrong since it doesn't output the error or a reason at all why it freezes or goes offline via serial or telnet... But what I've done to make a work around on this is setting up a router w/ DD-WRT or Tomato Firmware w/ cron & scheduling to reboot the modem at hourly intervals or whatever and that keeps the downloads going all day long... But it could be diffrent in your case so try and get logs of what is wrong and what happens when it goes offline... Telnet in or serial up if you can cuz serial is better..... Some think disabling the ipfilter does the trick or makes it go longer without freezing up but peeps are still testin that out... So try that too..
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