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New security?
Just got a facelift..

Mate comes to house, with a modem for me to test, plug's it in, 150 meg, lasted 10 min, cut off. Boy goes home, plug's box back in, working. Bring's it back, die's again.. take's it elsewhere, die's again, take's it back to scource, work's.

Dont be telling me clone detection is in effect, since the modem is origional.

Tell me they did'nt geo-tag the modem to the post-code. Ie, if the modem aint home, it aint working.

You see, they'd have to defeat cloning to defeat us.

Meaning cert's are now also, well, useless..

I mean, what if they just sent out a network card with a socket to plug in your coax, and the chip is a single chip, with ZERO flashing capabilities?

Cheaper than a modem.

With no snmp, what would YOU do?
Lol, his fibre optic most likely exactly the same as here, it end's in a copper wire. The minute it hit's the street cab, it's wires from there to the customer.. but then, I've seen some pretty impressive amatuer radio setup's.. in my 40 odd year's in radio.. bbs anyone? The internet is nowt but a cb with a fax machine Wink
Personally, I'd make the internet wifi only, I mean, if 240volts can be transmitted via wifi, then why not the power to the device? All them big green mast's poppin up all over the place, geotaggin every modem, all it means is less resource's.. So we all need to learn how to crack wifi, since it's cheaper than laying cables of any kind.. one day wifi will be faster than fibre-optic, since wifi is broadcast through the air, or to be more precise, the light.. cables are only there to charge us. Like I say, it's just a cb with a fax machine, the rest is already obsolete..
i have cloned my super hub before works to this day on diff estate from me at my mothers house

have a look at this CM
I got it, aint tested it yet, was awaiting the http fix for the prob mentioned on sbh Wink

Don wanna just flash anything..
ano need to send the logs
It dont work. Period.

So at first you had problems taking a dump, when I loaded it up in usbjtag, I saw your problem immediately, as in, well, I guess y'all still think we only need 8mb dump from, wait for it, a 64mb chip? That leave's 76mb un-accounted for. Pin 8 ubfi1+2 are INTENTIONALLY left blank for a reason, that being the mirror image I suggested.. ie, ubfi1+2 are MOVED from pin 7 bank, to pin 8 bank.. ie, a mirror image, just as I suspected (suggested) not here, but to my vermin mate.. so now you got to make sure to copy and hack the BOTH images before reflashing.. personally, I just flashed a 6141 firmware on it, got console access, but since moto firmware wont work on these, there is the possibility that neither will forceware.. and if ziri never reported my web address to no-ip (according to their email showing receiving complaint scource ip) I would have time to supply y'all with my working 490, but then I thought, why am I even here.. ziri, your a grass, a very bad sore loser, and dont even try denying it, I mean the chances of losing my no-ip address within 15 min of you logging into (and being deleted from) my server, are absolutely fuckin zero. I hope you realise who you pissed off, cause he already gave me access to your mac.. and I dont mean your eth.
Haha, lol, wow, it's like, the LOG's and EMAIL arte on my site.. but your right, you got deleted.. I guess you thought you were quoted enough to think using alternate alias's would get you an account, but as you know in this scene, and especially here, we, the noob's, are constantly sick of folks (like you) saying 'READ' - if you did, you'd realise why you were deleted.. invite only. donations only. did you fall into any of these categories? So I delete you, you go running and screwing everyone over (as most canadians are FAMED for in the business world), for no other reason than it's not fair.. you got deleted because you were not invited, no-one has been that matter's..

I will admit however, making these address's is a peice of piss, so wont slate ya for it.. I know it happened 10 min after you were deleted, and they NEVER logged into my site, in fact, the only two were you and um.. ? (An admin here will check the ip of the second person) - I mean come on, domain name deleted for breaching tos? someone said something.. from here.. nuff said.

And as for thinking your worth acting out on, na.. You dont exist in my life, and are just another canadian alias account using the same method's as the canadinas on bitcointalk.. I bet your vod or oyo.. maybe even badecker.. if not, you clearly had the same teacher..

Nae worries, I am only contemplating the site, it's my 20th of 30th attempt at settling down, but I'm aquarian, it aint gona happen.. it's nothing but a toy.. Time to run my own domain server like i did in the 90's, let's see em kick me off then..
CM have you got thew 490 done with telnet if have is it worth changing the mac addy on it
Haha! Ziricoms repo suspended ?, Ha!. Serves you right. loser.

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