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How to manually inject certs into SBG6580
(29-01-2021, 09:05 PM)Loco6777 Wrote:
(10-03-2015, 09:05 AM)I know its been a while but if you need help reply and I will show you how to get that modem up and running  slimebox Wrote: Im wondering if anyone has some experience with manually injecting Certificates into the NVRAM region of a flash.

Specifically the SBG6580. I have a pile of certs that i have remotely pulled from 6580's via SNMP. and they work fine in forceware. But i also have a bunch of SBG6580's here that i would like to use in a 1:1 stock clone mode.

I have dumped the NVRAM of a legit subbed 6580, and put it onto one of my 6580s successfully, and it works fine. But the certs i remotely pulled are in separate files format (private.key, public.key , cm.cer, ca.cer, etc....)

and i want to copy these files into a 6580 NVRAM.

If anyone has any ideas or working method i would appreciate it.

I can help you both, just pm me

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