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Firmware Upgrade via TFTP Fails
Im trying to update my SA/Webstar epc2100r2 (BCM3349) firmware to the haxorware via the update page.

Whenever my tftp tries to send the file the modem ends the connection.

Modem Log:
Quote:SW upgrade Failed after download - Incompatible SW file

Quote:Connection received from on port 1037 [30/11 14:28:20.578]
Read request for file <1.bin>. Mode octet [30/11 14:28:20.593]
Using local port 4189 [30/11 14:28:20.593]
File <1.bin> : error 10054 in system call recv An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. [30/11 14:28:22.859]

Any ideas how to fix this?

Many Thanks.
that only works for signed firmwares...
and in many cases doesnt work at all...
[Image: 2qu0z8h.gif]
ahh ok, i guessed it would be some sort of validation on the binary. I guess ill try serial it if not the dreaded jtag method >.>

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