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Archaic revival
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Archaic revival
Greetings fellow speed freaks. New user here, Love the site. A great wealth of information on this site. Quick bio: It has been a long time since I've found my self Googling alternative uses for SB modems. Many years ago, Maybe 8 or so, A friend and I stumbled on a site, SBsomething. Our area was and still is dominated by BH for high speed internet. At the time our paid speeds were pretty slow and DOCSIS3 was on the horizon. Newer to the private P2P scene and obsessed with more speed and anonymity, We bought a Jtagged Sb5101 which came with utilities, Data and hardware. We were able to flash a store bought unit as well so we could both learn together. We quickly learned of editing .cfg files, Scanning and spoofing and all around SNMP deviousness. It seemed to last a while until I remember some turd selling them on CL under the guise of being untraceable. Anonymous CP was the pressing media fight and BH has some ass clown getting taking their money in the process. Nothing much seemed to happen, At first, Then error logs started maxing out with foreign events, random reboots and constant crashes. Then one day the normal "fixes" weren't working, No matter the config or MAC. I checked my paid box and all was good. My friend was the same. I checked the local area of said site and found the same with others. They had made a massive change in our local system and the exploit had been fixed. Reports of users on other nodes on the same ISP but in different regions, still showed working boxes. Our CMTS or our boxes had been changed. Flashing made no difference. We hoped docsis 3.0 and the rumors of better gear would get us back up but with time, I gave up and my friend died recently. I think of him often. I found my brothers last box today, A sbg6580 that came with BH subscription. I'm curious and would like to know if a custom sbg6580 would be viable in this area with similar advantages as the blacklisted SB5101 we used to use?
10-08-2014, 02:56 AM
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RE: Archaic revival
Depends entirely on how motivated you are...Is BH still using 6580's?If they are then I see no reason that you cannot flash Forceware to it and resume your testing hobby.
12-08-2014, 09:39 PM
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