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forcing config on arris shelled firmware?

as subjet says.. i was able to clone a TG862A to a TG862G

the isp i'm using allow to auto server and/or force the config file as long is not edited, i got plemty of them with different speed, 
Haxorware does a great job forcing the config, someone from other forum told me to emulate the way haxor or forceware do it...i have no idea..
where to start, some other told me to change the firmware, i want to test and keep it original/virgin for a while
i'm looking for other alternatives...
is there a way to force the modem reading other config file / tftp server, or maybe just the config file ?  Undecided

i have shell access from telnet..

any help or tips are welcome!!

My Best Regards

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forcing config on arris shelled firmware? - by Rickz - 29-07-2022, 03:34 AM

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