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How to manually inject certs into SBG6580
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RE: How to manually inject certs into SBG6580
(10-03-2015, 09:05 AM)slimebox Wrote:
Quote:Im wondering if anyone has some experience with manually injecting Certificates into the NVRAM region of a flash.

Specifically the SBG6580. I have a pile of certs that i have remotely pulled from 6580's via SNMP. and they work fine in forceware. But i also have a bunch of SBG6580's here that i would like to use in a 1:1 stock clone mode.

I have dumped the NVRAM of a legit subbed 6580, and put it onto one of my 6580s successfully, and it works fine. But the certs i remotely pulled are in separate files format (private.key, public.key , cm.cer, ca.cer, etc....)

and i want to copy these files into a 6580 NVRAM.

If anyone has any ideas or working method i would appreciate it.

it's strange you managed to get the certs using SNMP but you don't know how to inject them back.. ummm  Undecided
what tool did you used ??
23-07-2022, 02:51 AM
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