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SB5101E Issues - With ParallelJTag
By no means new to this, managed to do a few Modems in the past with no problems but this modem just wants to keep giving me grief.

(Just flashing it again as I type).

Using BlackCat v128 (the good one! Wink) and (PreMade)

Pressing Detect ID's the flash as - ST M29W160EB (Is this a known flash?)

Write All, goes through the motions (approximately half hour). Reboot the Modem, bugger all. Wont even find it. Lights all up nice, then all lights go out... is it bricked? If so, who can I unbrick it?

If not, does anyone have a full complete flash that I can try or am I wasting my time with it?

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SB5101E Issues - With ParallelJTag - by Dejavu - 27-06-2009, 12:30 AM

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