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SB5101E - thospot - 01-12-2020

HI LADS. i just pulled SB5101E from the closet  it was working upto last year when i think the cable provider updated their software . can anyone help me get it back on line .and how can i tell if my provider did a update .cheers

RE: SB5101E - drewmerc - 02-12-2020

your isp will have turned off d2 modems i'd guess based off your location

RE: SB5101E - teddyalmonds - 02-12-2020

(02-12-2020, 10:58 AM)kami009 Wrote: I gave up on all 510x Series Modems long time ago not worth the trouble for max 30 megabits, I am curious if Docsis 3 modems can be tinkered with ?

Have you read nothing on this forum?  Docsis 3 modems have been "tinkered" with for 7+ years now.

RE: SB5101E - thospot - 08-05-2021

hi lads i know this a old tread. my m8 who lives at the other side of the city from me says i can use his certs from his modem. is it possible to take his certs from his modem and add them to my SB5101E