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sbg6580 snmp - cablehater - 23-07-2020

i uploaded certs with a created .bat seems like they uploaded but now i cant log in to the modem not even with static ip. everything locks except online is just blinking i uploaded all 5 with mac and serial to all 5. does anyone have an idea what might of happened thanks.

RE: sbg6580 snmp - ABMJR - 23-07-2020

why not post a telnet log versus everyone trying to guess

RE: sbg6580 snmp - cablehater - 23-07-2020

is there a way to do it if the modem doesn't release ip or respond to static ip nic status shows a 169 ip. thanks for the reply

RE: sbg6580 snmp - ricktendo - 24-07-2020

169 is an APIPA, this means no dhcp server so Windows will give itself that IP.

Find a full 6580 dump, restore it and retry.