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A simple request.. - sidewayz - 10-04-2020

Is there any way one of the MODs on this site could make section threads for the various ISP's that are in the U.S. and categorized ISP's threads for site content.like

A thread topic for information pertaining to Spectrum/TWC users only

A thread topic for information pertaining to Xfinity/Comcast users only

A thread for topic information pertaining to Suddenlink users only

A thread for topic information pertaining to Cox users only

And a thread for etc..... whoever else is out offering internet service in rural U.S.

The reason I ask is that I am trying to get an idea of a percentage of users from each ISP,, ((Even a voting chart would be nice of who is the ISP you use and if you could pick an ISP who would it be and why ?)) the majority of what im reading on this site is information regarding Spectrum, which I know covers a large area of the U.S. market but I would like to know a little more about the other ISP's. Trying to learn a little bit about each company. Any help on collecting/analyzing this data would be great, thanks.

RE: A simple request.. - neo_ - 11-04-2020

Fed Alert

RE: A simple request.. - sidewayz - 11-04-2020

(11-04-2020, 04:23 AM)neo_ Wrote: Fed Alert

Not a Fed, not really asking anything illegal, I am trying to figure out this out for research/market analysis purposes. Not everyone on this site is up here for "networking purposes." All im asking is how many people are utilizing each provider, and if you could switch why / why not. I see numerous topics about this about the Four Three major Cell Carriers so why not ISP's? No need to be paranoid friend.....just trying to start something new

Let me be 1st to take part in this hopefully this grows.. By far I have used TWC, Spectrum, and Cox. By far from my own experience TWC has had the best reliable internet service. Spectrum promotions were very aggressive when TWC switched over to them. I received numerous unwanted calls from their customer service department, wanting me to bundle their streaming service, on weekends as well telling me I should bundle my services. They only carter to new customers, and leave longtime customers with outrageous bills. What I could mentioned about Cox is not much since I used them the shortest out of the 3 (1 year) but their internet service was ok for the most part sometimes the internet went out during the rain, and I noticed a little throttling during peak hours, but this was also to the effect that I lived in a metropolitan city while using Cox, but I hated the fact that they were quickly adding hidden fees to my bill, and long wait times on the phone. Their line of approved modems were also much smaller than that of TWC/Spectrum. On Speedtest their was alot of ping in their lines too.

Now onto why I preferred TWC ISP out of the 3. Back when they were around had reliable service, and when I needed their technicians they resolved issues 24-48 hours and they didn't charge for them to arrive at residences on weekdays. Internet Connectivity rate was about 95%. Internet would only go down if major storm hit. To switch I unplugged everything anyway. They also had reasonable prices on their internet packages. To which they had 6 for those of you that could remember...

(1) Everyday Low Price
(2) Basic

And at some point in time TWC even upgraded all these plans by sending out letters saying they were going to do it at no extra cost, Ultimate used to be 50MB and it jumped to 300MB Speed which was insane for that time...all the plans jumped up speed but not price... but I believe this was due to the birth of Google Fiber.. Too bad I never got a chance to enjoy them as i was never in there area? If I had to choose my choice from experience would be TWC...I did receive the most perks from them...Hopefully someone that has used Google Fiber could post some input from expierience. (Preferably customers of their $70 Gigabit plan)..

RE: A simple request.. - testicals - 14-04-2020

why this is not an american centric forum and never has been

RE: A simple request.. - newname - 14-04-2020

Who is this guy with a rep of zero and 5 posts saying shit. Pretty ballsy I would say. Don't forget Cogeco though...

RE: A simple request.. - sidewayz - 15-04-2020

(14-04-2020, 03:21 AM)testicals Wrote: why this is not an american centric forum and never has been

Canadians or whomever are free to post here about their experiences with their ISP rather positive or negative. I assumed the majority of the users here are U.S. citizens, but if you have any information on another ISP that operates outside the U.S. please post. Believe it or not you could be swaying their decision to go with an ISP and ultimately save them a little money/time in process. If I knew now what I knew then about Cox I'd would of never signed up for them. I had to undergo a year commitment with them as which I did but in the long run the outages and the hidden marketing gimmicks wasn't worth it in the end. I'm actually in an area that has 3 major ISP's operating which is rare, but I will not sign over another year to the other 2 ISPs here.  

Newname care to share any info on Cogeco are they legit ISP that treat customers good or unreliable for an ISP ? 

Food 4 Thought
Did you know that the average household in the U.S. pays $66.17 for internet but the average household in Canada pays $54.92? (Source: Credit Donkey)

RE: A simple request.. - testicals - 18-04-2020

(14-04-2020, 06:35 PM)newname Wrote: Who is this guy with a rep of zero and 5 posts saying shit. Pretty ballsy I would say. Don't forget Cogeco though...

i'm the ghost of threads past

RE: A simple request.. - newname - 19-04-2020

(18-04-2020, 08:54 PM)testicals Wrote:
(14-04-2020, 06:35 PM)newname Wrote: Who is this guy with a rep of zero and 5 posts saying shit. Pretty ballsy I would say. Don't forget Cogeco though...

i'm the ghost of threads past

Go haunt some other forum....you're causing everyone's 6141 to get spooked...