Latest version is: 1.1 rev39

Compatible with all modems that use the BCM3349 chipset and ALL parallel and generic SPI flash devices.

Compatible models include: SB5101/E/i, SB5102/E/i, Webstar DPC2100R2, RCA DCM425, Ambit 250/255/256, Netgear CG814WGv2

Haxorware comes in 2 verions - DIAG and LITE. DIAG includes diagnostic output and console but might not perform optimally on a 8MB ram modem. LITE does not support SPI flash based modems. Please visit the SBHacker forums for more information. Both versions are included in the download.

Download: Haxorware 1.1 rev39

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Screenshots (from 1.1 rev27):

Premade 2MB dumps with Haxorware already on them : Forum Thread

Video tutorials:

These were encoded with H264 AVC.Use VLC player to play them.


The DIAG build is based on SB5102-
The LITE build is based on SB5101E-

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Haxorware is copyright 2008-2011 Rajkosto
Contact the author at raj...@haxorware.com

Haxorware was developed by Rajkosto and in a few short months the first beta was released. Haxorware was released for free to the public via the SBHacker forums unlike TCNiSO, we chose not to charge for the firmware. Haxorware is now supported by donations to Rajkosto. The custom code in Haxorware is copyrighted by Rajkosto. The firmware will ALWAYS be a free download from Haxorware.com; however, in order to sell pre-modified modems with Haxorware, you MUST have a reseller license. There are many eBay sellers stealing the firmware as well as other websites. If you downloaded Haxorware and flashed your own modem, we will be glad to provide support on the forum here or at SBHacker.net. If you purchased a premod from an unauthorized reseller, then we suggest you email them and ask why they are stealing something that Rajkosto has worked very hard to provide for free. If you like Haxorware, you should consider donating to Rajkosto donations in any amount are greatly appreciated (the donate link is below the screenshots).

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